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Juan Jimenez
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Oh, I get it, my fault that you can't read? Is that it? Or that you
have selective eyeballs? Is that it? HAHAHAHA!

Name once.

I rest my case. ROFL!

See, here comes your ignorant side out swinging and hitting yourself
square in the face again, Dannyboy. USMC, 1978-1982, SOES at MCAS
Cherry Point and HMM-161. Any other stupid comments you want to make?

Gee, now why don't I believe you?

Gee, now why don't I give a flying intercourse if you believe me or not,

In summary I have combat experience and much more time fixing
aircraft that you ever will.

Well, whoopdeedoo! I started flying and working on aircraft in 1973.
That makes it 31 years or so. g

How conveniently you skipped this one, eh?

Nice selective editing there. Just when do you plan on growing up?

Take your own advice. Get over it, Dannyboy.