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Juan Jimenez wrote....deleted

Take a hike, you're almost on a par with me, one of the most hated men
on usenet, the only difference is, you spout craptain zoom all the
time, and when I say something on a subject, I know what I'm talking

That suicide crapsule you're working on must not be flying yet, if it
was, you wouldn't be here. You'd be RIP. ((Resting in pig ****.)Damn!
Sorry. that wouldn't be anything new to you.) - Lennie the Lurker


Say Lennie - aka Richard B,

Why hold back, fella?
Tell us how you really feel.

Can't speak for others, but...
I've never come close to hating you.
In fact, I've never even disliked you.
Admittedly, some of your past prose impacted me negatively,
but hey..., we may be close to even on that score. smirk

Be well,

Barnyard BOb -