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Barnyard BOb - wrote in message . ..

Say Lennie - aka Richard B,

Why hold back, fella?
Tell us how you really feel.

Thought I did, fairly well.

However if it'll change your mind, next saturday at noon they're gonna
strap my ass in a 2-33 and fling it skyward again, with an instructor
in the back seat. Did some work for them, and I'm at the point that
our favorite uncle will start taking a buck away from me for every
buck I earn. Object of flight: Burn the money so I don't feel like
I'm working for nothing. Got a hunch I'm not even going to touch the
controls. Might be three more years before I get into this situation
again, wouldn't make sense to even think about getting back into it. I
really don't want to be known as the ballast in the front of a 2-33
for my buddy. Hours in his log don't do anything for me except waste
time. Wasting time, I'm pretty good at without help.