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ibm wrote:

Mary Shafer wrote:


I thought the senior Bush flew an airplane that dropped anti-shipping
torpedoes? That would make him an attack pilot by today's terms, I'd
think, not a fighter pilot.

Yes, the TB[F/M] was roled as a Torpedo Bomber but was capable
of moving dirt as well. Think heavy attack. The TB part of the
designator implies torpedo bomber.
An SBD or Helldiver driver would be more analogous to today's
VA crowd although you could do considerable damage from a
Corsair as well.


The Avenger, as a bomber, had a rather larger bombload than the SBD. Probably
around the same as the Helldiver.

Was it not on a dirt-moving mission over Chichi Jima that GHWB was shot down
and subsequently rescured by bubbleheads?

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