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Peter Kemp
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On Thu, 5 Aug 2004 21:47:39 -0500, "Billy Preston"

"Peter Kemp" wrote

Each of those you listed, is our sworn enemy. They are free to point their
swords at us, or their leadership, and they have chosen us.

And this differs to Iraq - how?

Kurds, Shiite's, Marsh Arabs, and Exiles.

KUrds are ****ed becasue they won't get autonomy, though they are
still not taking up arms about it.

Shiites are busy with an insurgency (have you seen the news over the
last few months) in Najaf, Sadr City and so on.

Marsh Arabs are shiites and were virtually wiped out 10 years ago (and
the marshes were drained), some of the survivors are joining the
shiite revolt in the south.

Exiles hardly count do they, or would you like such stauch allies as
Chalabi included amongst those in favour of the US (any more word on
his Iranian connections?).

Peter Kemp