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Default John Charles Garabedian of Mooresville, NC -- Aircraft Thief

On Tuesday, July 17, 2018 at 6:00:42 PM UTC-4, Victim of Aircraft Theft wrote:
He has in his possession a Super Cub project stolen from KFQD. He is a sleazy real estate agent, Mooresville,NC, with a 34' trailer for the purpose of thievery. EAA Chapter 309 is in on this grand larceny too.

Apparently He is now moved on to flipping homes with a Man name Pasquale Novelli who is running under Black Label 13 properties he is another theif just in Investor theft he poses as a General Contractor he takes the investors money and steals it never heard from again! John and Pasquale apparently have close ties in real estate so please be aware of them!!