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Default Curtiss Pusher Model D

On Saturday, December 13, 2003 at 5:21:29 AM UTC+13, wrote:
A couple friends and I are planning to build a 1911 Curtiss. We acquired
plans from the Curtiss Museum a number of years ago and hope to finally get
started soon. While the plans are quite detailed in some ways, there are
many things that are not specified. Even the type of wood used is not shown
on the plans as well as the type of fabric and "dope" used. We'd like to be
consistent to the original design as much as possible but realize there
will have to some compromises. One of my partners is a machinist and has a
radial engine rebuilding business (Holloway Engineering- Quincy, CA) so he
will be fabricating all metal parts and has an OX5 engine on hand so those
problems are already handled.

I'm wondering if there are any RAHers who have been involved in a project
like this and would be willing to offer some of those answers. Any helpful
suggestions will certainly be appreciated.
Al Hansen