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When did the gr8 NG rec.aviation.military change to rec.bush.political

I don't know when because I've only been subscribed for a couple of

It seems there are a couple of reasons. First, there are
politospammers who, rather than trying to sell penis enhancers, are
trying to sell their political ideas by spewing them enmass in any
group which seems mildly political. A group with 'military' in the
name naturally would have people of strong political opinion and,
hehse, the politospammers come here. Second, with all the military
action during the Bush presidency, it's natural to discuss the policies
behind those policies in a military newsgroup. And, lastly, the major
arguments of this presidential campaign seem to be about those policies
and the warrior qualities of the two major candidates for president of
the US.

Personally, I was hoping that it would be more of a military aviation
geekfest when I subscribed but it has been fun and interesting