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Default Yee-ha!

Did it today! After 12 years of watching the sky and dreaming, I finally had
my first fly since buying the farm. (Wonder if anyone can guess why I
stopped flying?)

2 hours 20 minutes of shear joy in two lessons, flew over my farm for the
first time and flew a taildragger to boot! I know some of you will class the
ultralight T500 Thruster as different to a C150, C152 and C172 that I used
for the fifty something hours in my logbook, but it is all helps learn the
feel of the range of craft I want to fly out of my back yard! And the first
time "I" flew was the unlogged four and a half hours dual in a Blanic! I am
doing both ultralight and private and aerobatics, and this way gives me both
worlds! I intend to homebuild at least one aircraft, and probably won't stop
there...... (HMMMMMM,,,,,, High Performance, Complex, Experimental, Aircraft
coming up?)

Considering that my back yard strip is 330 metres (1000 feet) long and over
trees, with a curve and changing slope, a bloody big mountain with a wild
wave, and a few rocks, I've chosen an couple of instructors to give me a
good range of education, from bush piloting and outlandings to agricultural
and upside down stuff!

You know all that stuff about homebuilder's eyes lighting up at tools? Well,
I am waiting for the tow truck to deliver the (very second hand!) runway
cleaning "Tonka Toy"!

The best is yet to come, tomorrow's job is not until 4.00pm, and I'm going
to have a few early morning circuits!!!!!!!

I'm feeling high!