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Default OT Emergency Descents with ATC COMS - Video

On Aug 25, 9:57*am, BeechSundowner wrote:
On Aug 24, 11:28*am, Ross wrote:

Emergency Descents with ATC COMS - Video

Had never done an emergency descent with banking as a tool. *It was
suggested to me to try this with a 90 degree bank.

Very interesting experience as it really works and works quickly! *I
tried 2 without banking and 2 with banking of which the video contains
one of each.

Video contains both outside and instrumentation views but the
instrumentation view unfortunately wasn't as good as I hoped. *Camera
power saving feature shut the camera off and I lost my zoom setting.

Comments here or on the video most appreciated on helping me improve
the technique as this was my first time doing this

A forward slip will bring you down pretty quickly with our the bank forces.

Absolutely agree. *It appears that I did leave one very important
detail in my original post *that warrants clearing up. *I was
practicing this for traffic avoidance (head on) thus me at cruise and
sharp bank to the right.

Regards, Ross
C-172F 180HP

My days may be waning too..... *By word of mouth, not listed anywhere,
putting my plane on the market. *I can't justify the cost of
maintenance to my 100 hours a year flying, it's been that bad a year
in the maintenance department (airframe repairs - I.E. corrosion are

I've been doing some multi-engine training, in fact my checkride is
scheduled for this Friday. An emergency descent is part of the
checkride, presumably to snuff a wing or engine fire.

Procedure is to power to idle, roll into a 45 degree bank, and pitch
for Vne (assuming smooth air). It was explained to me that the bank
keeps the airframe loaded during the pushover, as well as limiting the
distance you eat up during the maneuver and increasing visibility. I
was also told that since it is an emergency maneuver, FAR 91.303
really doesn't apply.

At any rate, its a thrill.