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Default Top Hat Question (XCSoar?)

On Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 5:24:36 PM UTC-4, wrote:

To allow easy manual screen switching, go to the main settings screen:
Advanced LookScreen LayoutScreens button locationOn the map. I don't see this option in the PC version; only on my Kobo. And I don't believe this "S" screen switching button is displayed if any of the screens is set to "Auto". ...

- I have the circling screen appear automatically, and still have the "S" button. I can manually go from the circling screen to the cruise screens (I have 3 of those defined) but cannot seem to then go back to the circling screen. Once I enter the next thermal the circling screen re-appears. If I could cycle manually back to the circling screen I'd be happy enough. (They have separate zoom settings, although that seems to sometimes mess up.) All this in a recent beta version of Tophat on a Nook.