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Default DC-3 & Photo tips

a friend of mine, using a digital camera and me, working with a NIKON
are trying to take attractive images of the aviation jewelry I am

Its the most difficult photo job we both trying to do: taking images of
jewelry, specially shiny polished airplanes...
I have been using twice a professional photographer and you may not
believe it, the results are not better.

Taking a picutre of the latest model, a DC-3 key chain turned out a
litte better, as I sanded the aircraft and polished only the chain, see

I am a former pilot, using my goldsmith skills (my first profession
when I was young) to create wonderful miniatures in 18kt Gold as
individual pieces, sometimes tiny diamond attached as strobe lights,
often call signs engraved.

But what I could not master until now: taking really good pictures. Has
anyone suggestions or special experience in photographing jewelry -
aviation jewelry ???
Thanks for mailing your tips.