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Dave Swartz
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Default Pitts, Acro Sport, other to buy?

"Al MacDonald" wrote in message news:[email protected]
but I haven't seen
anything yet about comparisons between say a Pitts S1C, Acrosport 1,
Starduster (do they make a 1?), etc. etc.

When I was first looking for an aerobatic aircraft I tried to go
through some of the comparisons you suggest. Since I wanted to
compete, it finally came down to just looking at what planes were
actually being used in aerobatic competition. While you will find an
occasional Acrosport, Starduster, or Skybolt, you will see many more
Pitts. You will also find many former owners of the Acrosport,
Starduster and Skybolt that are now flying a Pitts. They are all fun
aircraft but the Pitts just outperforms the rest in everything with
the possible exception of landing ease. The close gear spacing and
short coupling to the tailwheel makes the Pitts landing something you
want to be very accomplished at. But then the challenge of landing a
Pitts just makes it that much more fun to do once you know how! The
oost of ownership for all of these aircraft is going to be just about
the same but the Pitts will usually cost somewhat more to buy used
(and hold that value).

Dave Swartz
Fort Lauderdale, Florida