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Originally Posted by patsy View Post
Can anyone recommend any other helpful
test or quiz books for a beginner?
Thanks, Patsy.
Want to pass your FAA Knowledge Test without useless and mindless memorization?

Ok so we are a fairly new company, and may only have been in business for 1 year, but our products are causing quite a stir in the aviation community and have lead over 1,000 pilots to easily pass their aviation knowledge tests with a passing rate of 99% and an average score of 87%.

Maybe because we donít teach mindless memorization of question and answers, maybe because for nearly every subject we have a simple trick to help you through, or maybe because of the high amount of interactivity offered, which captures the students attention, to the point where some students enjoyed themselves so much, they actually finished the program over two days.

The fact is, when it comes to passing the knowledge test, we really DO deliver.

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