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you know I've been amused by the header of this thread for some time.
when you consider the absolutely critical nature of the things I'm
damned if I'd be buying the cheaper ones if they were available.

they are the most non redundant parts of an aircraft that uses them.
buy the best, you are seldom around for a warranty claim.

I am amused by those who equate price with quality. )))

Rich S.

every time I pass up a $4 set of chinese drills for a $17 set of
sutton or frost drills I too am amused by those who believe that
quality can be had for $4. (australian $) and that drills made in mild
steel will be ok if tungsten coated.

in aviation though you get mightily sick of the price impost of
insurance and those who prey on the acceptance of it.
a $us17 spruce 4" tailwheel regularly retails in australia for $aus80.
$aus1 = $us0.72

Stealth (*******s) Pilot