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Default Need help with a rocket motor ID

Q wrote:
On Fri, 2 Feb 2007 18:38:32 +1030, "Dave Kearton"

I've just received a few pics of a small rocket motor, from a friend of

Long shot - but I think that text is 'SN634' on IMGP0495 right hand
side - speck of dirt at top left of the 'N' making it look like 'iY'.

Looking for more now - and the writing looks Aussie :-)

Are bolts metric or SAE? SAE would probably mean US; metric would be

The mounting bracket appears interesting- is it rusted, coated, or
eroded in some way?

My guess is that is not US military or NASA since an assembly this size
would have a part label with part number. Unless of course it was made
by the aliens at area 51...

Hope you find the answer...