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Default Saucerhead warning!!!

"Naked Gonad" wrote in message
On Aug 26, 8:09 am, "Michael Baldwin, Bruce"
pmd wrote:
"Michael Baldwin, Bruce"

pmd wrote:
Naked Gonad

On Aug 25, 11:46 am, "Michael Baldwin, Bruce"
Mr Pounder wrote:
"Michael Baldwin, Bruce" wrote in message
Naked Gonad wrote:
They have invaded the internet and are preaching 'Darla'. Do
NOT touch
these strange beings because their breasts explode
violently.They also
have penis shaped tongues and
have been known to impregnate unsuspecting surfers.

That certainly sounds like them.

Hallo Bruce.

Hallo Mr Pounder.

Hello Mr Pounder, have we had our medicine today?


Pounder's my friend. He likes to look at me naked and laugh.

Who doesn't? A0L!

pounder's a back stabbing filthy piece of ****.

You don't say!

Mr Pounder is a nice honest straight guy.

It don't matter Ron......... some people are faking other people.
It really does not matter, quite silly really.
But I do fear that I may have lost one American friend - I hope not.

Mr Pounder