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Default All US Records are Now Motor Glider Records

I sit on the B&R Committee and while I can tell you this wasn't my axe to grind my recollection is this was done to bring the SSA's records into compliance with the IGC recognized classes of gliders. We had been going it alone on this for many years. Having said that, I am sympathetic to the gliding purists and those (like myself) who cannot afford the latest and greatest self-launcher but might like to take a crack at a record or two. I wish we had put out a poll on this.

Interestingly enough I am told many have outright quit pursuing national record flights because of the bureaucracy and fees associated with FAI & NAA record certification.

I personally want to do what's best, or should I say whatever the most "customer centric" thing to do is, for SSA members and for promoting the sport. Your feedback is appreciated.

Thank you,

Chris Schrader, Director, SSA Region 6