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Default All US Records are Now Motor Glider Records

On the last day for the 94-95 Hilton Cup Dan Matzke flew a big triangle
out of California City in his DG400 motor-glider. Well after dark (not
sunset) he radioed that he was low over the Honda track (10nm North of Cal
City) and asked if there was a way to get the lights turned on. We replied
we can turn the lights on at Cal City airport but there were no lights on
the Honda track itself. He paused and replied that there was a bit of lift
and maybe he could make it. After a bit he reported that he had glider
home. So I walked out to midfield and stood beside the runway, perfectly
quiet and pitch black except for the runway lights. I couldn't see him,
but eventually I heard a chirp when his wheel touched asphalt. Later he
would admit that he would not have put himself in that position without the
motor to fall back on.
Those of us who witnessed that event, were left with little doubt that a
motor glider has a distinct advantage available over a non motor-glider.
This latest change to records will undoubtedly lead to a loss of interest
in record attempts by non-motor gliders. So it's a bit hard to see that as
a having a positive impact on the slow steady decline in U.S. soaring. But
maybe bringing the more affluent in our society into soaring will be a good

M Eiler