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Default Accident/MD 500 Blades

On Saturday, November 11, 2000 12:00:00 AM UTC-8, Ed Chernenkoff wrote:
Thanx for the info.. My condolences to Mr. Carters family..

Was offered a job at Prism in 96 but didn't want to sling shakes for a
living.. Much nicer jobs out there..

Fly safe


Mitch wrote:

Rob Carter, Chief Pilot for Prism out of Langley. He was slinging shakes
in the Gold River area and at the end of the day was ferrying back. Wx
supposedly not a factor. Blade came apart over Gordon River area towards
Cowichan Lake. I heard it was an aftermarket blade too, although that
could be neither here nor there. Bell 212's have been pitching the tip
weights of their tail-rotor blades (Alpine lost the weight, Canadian just
the cap) and nobody seems too excited about it. Hi Ed.

Ed Chernenkoff wrote:

Missed the first post.. Who's machine was it and have they released the
names of those on board.. When did it happen??
Have many friends that fly in the Vancouver Island area..



Hello Ed,
I'm looking for a pilot that flew in and out of Ocean Falls, BC in the 70's.. My spouse, Brian Grubb, talks about you all the time and I was hoping to find his uncle since he's lost touch with him since then. Can you please just let me know if you are indeed him or not?