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Walt Beaulieu
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I sort of did the same thing. At 0 Hours, I bought into a 5 way
partnership in a Cherokee 180. Cost was $6000 up front. Then we split
everything else but the Gas and a small engine fund. I remember
getting frustrated at one point and wishing I did not have the plane
during my training. Owning a part of a plane though is one hell of a
motivator to complete the training. 800 hours later, I'm glad I stuck
it out. Having understanding partners is good too because you have
someone experienced helping you look after the plane. My piece of the
insurance was a few hundred dollars higher but over all this was the
least expensive way to get a license I could find. If you go this
route, It goes without saying that the plane is insignificant compared
to picking your partners. Wrong partners = hell. Right partners =
Great Fun and tons o' saving.
Interesting though, having a student as a partner now would give me
the willies a bit but since someone cut me some slack, Someday I may
need to pay back the favor.


Mike Spera wrote in message ...
Which comes first, the plane or the license? We chose to buy the plane
to train in. Since there were two of us (wife and myself), the cost
appeared justified. Also, availability of planes at the local school was
spotty and we were not impressed with the condition/appearance of
rentals in general. 3 sessions each per week would have racked up about
$11,000 in rentals for the year of basic training vs. about $2700 for
gas in our plane. We did have all the fixed expenses to pay, like
insurance, the note, maintenance, etc. But we still believed it was a
good deal.