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Default FS: SPOT GEN 3 Tracker; NEXGEN SPOT?

Unused SPOT GEN3 Tracker, unopened box since Jan '17: $65 OBO

These units were discounted 50% for a couple months at the end of last year.. Normally $149.99. Now, various outlets have them on sale again @ $75 thru mail-in rebate. I decided to go for the InReach Expl+ ($450) which has full mapping, etc.

Today I just found a link to the latest conference call by Globalstar which owns SPOT, LLC. On page 9 of the shareholder/analyst presentation, they refer to a "NEXGEN SPOT" which hints at a two-way SPOT product in their future, possibly with a QWERTY keyboard. Nothing on if/when it will be produced. Of course, there's the usual discussion of a successor to Wi-Fi ("Sat-Fi") where your cell phone is transformed into a satellite phone.