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Am 07.12.10 03:07, schrieb Andy:
The TSO for altimeter, pressure actuated, sensitive type, is C10b. I
have a Winter 4FGH40 in my sailplane . It was recently returned from
Winter after overhaul with an EASA Form 1. Nowhere on that form, or
in any Winter spec, can I find a statement that the Winter 4FGH40
complies with TSO C10b.

My form 1 in this case merely certifies that the work done (overhaul)
was accomplished in accordance with FAR-145 and the work item is
satisfactory for release to service.

Which is how the form 1 works. If a manufactorer sells a new instrument
with a form 1, then the TSO norm to which the instrument complies (if
any) is written to that form. If you get an instrument overhauled, then
that form 1 says that is has been overhauled according to the
regulations by a repair shop with a license (if so), and nothing more.
The new form 1 doesn't replace the older.

Winter sells both TSOed and not TSOed altimeteres. As you can guess,
they differ heavily in price (you get about three non-TSOed for one
TSOed). Looking at the price, the 4FGH40 seems to be TSOed. But if you
want to know, why don't you just send a mail to Winter and ask? Winter
tends to be pretty responsive, at least so has been my experience.