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Default Winch demonstration/training at home gliderport

On Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at 4:39:23 PM UTC-4, SGS N2062T wrote:
would your winch fit on a flatbed car trailer?

I mean, I have done dumber things to get a ride...

Hauling a winch on a flat-bed trailer is always an option but I assume that it is a costly endeavor. Might be easier to put the K21 into a trailer and take it to a place that is running a winch. You could pay out only the amount of line equivalent to your line run at your home field and see what it does for you.
Also, I took a look at the field using Google-Earth. To extend the line run into the field to the north - as mentioned by Kirk - would require the closure of a road. If that's that an option, great. The winch would then be placed very close to I-70. Not ideal but doable. What are your prevailing winds on that field? How many days a year would you really launch to the north? All these things would have to be analyzed before making the decision to go for a winch.