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On Tue, 28 Oct 2003 22:57:57 GMT, "eravanna"

The article discuss the oil balance of NAZI Germany in 37 - june
The funny side is that some 50% of oil and petrolium products
were supplied by US based companies (the standard oil of New
the standard oil of California and the Davis oil company) mainly
Spain. This includes 100% of oil supply for NAZI subs operating
Atlantic. All these operations were authorised by US government.

very smart move on the us part as when we cut the oil off they lost

It's also pure, unadulterated bull****.

yah, you know the funny thing, i'm sure it's true because the good 'ol
US of A will do anything for money, as history has proven time and
again, even if it is against its own stated democratic principles.

Now tell us about the trading behavior of Sweden and Switzerland during

oh yeah that's right, everything the usa has ever done has been for
the good of the world, sorry that i keep forgetting that it is
ordained by god to rule forever and never does anything wrong (i think
thats what you guys learn in school isn't it?)

Too bad you couldn't actually answer the question...