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The whole argument of
whether or not the nation was a stated ally is bull****. The US knew
what was going on in both wars for years, knew about all the brutal
**** the axis were doing, and basically ignored it and made money off
it for years while other countries were spilling blood to save

Well, the US is isolationist since long and it was not in his
interests to enter war. In wwI, it became only when France & UK were
on the edge of losing and thus being unable to pay their huge loans...
which would have means the end of very large americans banks.
Woodrow Wilson was elected by his promises to not enter war

Nobody ever entered war for nice emotions. France commited troops for
1776 independance war especially because Vergennes (the foreign
relations minister) hated Great Britiain and to take revenge for the
lose of Quebec during the seven years war.

Actually one of the reasons the US population was reluctant to enter
the war was because during the frist world war UK disinformation and
propaganda had created a number of serious anti-german allegations
that were expoosed as fraudulent including and not limited to:

Which is very comprehensive, especially since the horrors of wwI.

which obligated Britain to go to war if France was attacked.
And so off Britain went to war, ostensibly because of an
1839 treaty Britain had signed guaranteeing
Belgium's sovereignty, but in reality because the British elite of
the time had committed itself to the French elite without
any Parliamentary oversight or agreement.

Uk was also very committed in fighting any dominant power who could
take lead of Europe by war, and this since Napoleon. In 1900, and even
before, it was clear than Germany was strong enougth to take the
continent by force. That's why they made an alliance with France.
But basically, UK wasn't drained in the war by France, it was the
result of a policy of security... who unfortunatly backfired for all
country at this time.

Incredible tales of German barbarism in Belgium and France gave rise
to a myth of unique German savagery that continues to color the
thinking of many persons to this day. German soldiers, the world was
gravely informed, amused themselves by cutting off the hands of
Belgian babies.

Remind me the story of iraqies soldiers killing babies in hospitals...
I liked the idea of crucifiction of canadian soldiers, but don't ask
me why.