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"Pete" wrote:

"Gord Beaman" wrote

On current aircraft, the fail mode is safe. The arming solenoids need

to energize and retain the clip and wire.

The ejector carts run on different, multiple circuits.


Thanks Pete, I didn't know that, I wonder what the rationale
would be for the change?... Could it be that during WW2 they
considered it more important to avoid a failed bomb run than they
do now?. Interesting indeed.

That's probably the case. Peacetime vs WWII mindset. Better design and
greater reliability reduces the chance of the mechanism failing, so we can
default to the 'safe' mode, and arm only on request.

Consider a training mission, with live ordnance. Aircraft has a problem, and
the pilot has to jettison the munitions. Do we jettison safe or armed? Since
we are always over friendly territory, defaulting to safe mode would be


Certainly sounds plausable...