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I was on that C5 when it was hit. We had taken off from BIAP immediately prior to the missile strike. We had been circling over the airport to gain some altitude before heading out over the city to put some distance between us and the ground fire. I think I had just dozed off (looooooong day of travelling, heading out there for my second tour) when I was awakened by a loud "boom." After the boom, it seems like we rocked back and forth a few times, but that may not have happened, it was a very confusing time and quite a while ago! It was fairly evident what had happened (although we weren't being told anything by the crew, if I remember correctly) and we immediately returned to the ground. Although it sure seemed to take forever! I had to leave the plane as soon as possible to escort one of my squad to be checked out by the medics (I think he was in shock, I had to yank his weapon out of his hands and he couldn't speak), so I wasn't able to see the damage that the rest of my detachment got to see. I don't remember much about it, but I think somebody told me the "cone"(?) was missing from the engine. It was one hell of a first day on the job!