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Default Non-precision approach without a published MAP?

Until this approach, I had not encountered a non-precision approach without
a published missed approach point. Is this more common than my experience
has provided to date?

almost every VOR-A with the VOR at the airport.

Instrument flying Handbook 8-20:

In nonprecision approaches, a final descent is initiated at the
FAF, or after completing the procedure turn and established
inbound on the procedure course. The FAF is clearly
identified by use of the Maltese cross symbol in the profile
view. When the FAF is not indicated in the profile view,
the MAP is based on station passage when the facility is on
the airport or a specified distance (e.g., VOR/DME or GPS

In nonprecision
procedures, the pilot determines the MAP by timing from
FAF when the approach aid is well away from the airport, by
a fix or NAVAID when the navigation facility is located on
the field, or by waypoints as defined by GPS or VOR/DME