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Default Plastic Bonding

Ok this thread is completely unrelated to aircraft repairing or flying in general... maybe there is a commonality in that there is a kind of flying that I perform all the time.

There are a pair of skates that I use all the time since 2001. They are made by a company called Salomon and they are made from (I believe) really, really strong Kevlar plastic which appears to me like it is laced with fiberglass. I have a link below with photos and commentary on what the tear looks like. All I am looking for is for someone to recommend a good bonding plastic that I can use to bond the material together even if the effect won't last forever. The best kind of glue i mean. Just about everyone else I have asked tells me that the skate is dead or they don't know how to repair but these are people who are not fully familiar with what is possible.!!!

Thanks in advance!