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Default Improved live tracking for the SSA membership?

If you want mandatory ADSB for sailplanes you are the enemy of soaring. If you want to figure out how to make soaring a TV sport learn from the masters. This is an X-Alps year. Quit your job, move to Austria. Beg Redbull media until they give you a job(or volunteer) working on the X-Alps. They won't put you in charge, it won't be glamorous, but Redbull has figured out how to do what you want. Observe them while fetching their coffee, return home apply the lessons to sailplanes. Easier than building new ASW-19s. Fame and fortune await.
On Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 10:30:20 AM UTC-4, Sean Fidler wrote:

I dislike the idea of allowing the SSA to continue with the same stone age thinking that has created such a "thriving sport" for us here in the USA, at all levels. We are part of stagnant organization that suffers from almost no innovation. We are boring. Should we just continue on that path? Keep doing what the SSA good old boys tell us we should and shut up? Fortunately, this is definitely not a 1:9,999 issue...

As I have previously stated, Australia's "SSA" (the GFA) has a different attitude and has proven value for its members with a tracking investment. Europe, on the other hand, (again previously stated) developed a network of Flarm radar (2k per Flarm but I believe Flarm is mandatory in Europe). Would you prefer mandatory Flarm? The FAA wanted to enforce a mandatory ADSB requirement on gliders, something I strongly supported and continue to support. That was 3-4K but far more powerful as a safety solution.

What does the SSA really provide us? If you think the SSA protects us from the "evil FAA" trying to create a modern safety environment, good luck. The SSA should be in the business of marketing the sport of Soaring (not just to 60 year olds who have been part of it for their entire lives) and in the business of innovation. Improved tracking is one obvious opportunity for for later.

But yes, I'll be shocked if anything happens and fully expect it won't.