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Default Improved live tracking for the SSA membership?

Why do you say SSA does not have a live tracking map?

You can click on a map on the SSA homepage and see where all the flying gliders are located worldwide. The only caveat is that the pilot flying the glider must use a tracking device or download the FREE phone app. To think that someone one will not use a free app will suddenly pay $150 plus subscription is crazy talk.

Sean had the opportunity to use 3 second tracking for free at his latest SGP but said he couldn't figure the app out. The other pilots got theirs working.

As a volunteer that has poured my heart and soul into providing a constant push for better tracking and free technical help to our members, it is pretty discouraging to be beat up on this way. I provided tech support for the SGP as did Pedja. Pedja developed our platform free of charge and provides free server time to us

All the member is required to do is download the app to their phone.

Sean advocates a system that uses dedicated boxes in each plane. Such a system excludes club fliers and those which choose not to compete in sanctioned contests. I advocate a system that is available to all glider pilots worldwide 24 hours a day.

Again, being told that SSA doesn't provide Tracking or that our Tracking is crap is pretty discouraging and makes me want to walk away. I don't see why every time Sean has an idea he has to tear down someone else. I can say that in person Sean is a fine gentleman and an asset to the sport. So someone must be stealing his RAS credentials.