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Default NARCO MK12D display replacement

Hey folks,

I have a narco MK12D (cessna ARC slide in replacement) on my C-150M
and the display on the NAV side is about done, can't read it at night
and barely during the day. I've read some horror stories about NARCO
and their policy of sending the units to the factory, price unseen.
I'm looking at the most cost-effective way of replacing that display.
Does anybody know if shops still work these radios? Would getting a
display from an inop MK12D be more cost effective than going the
factory route? I'm not too hot about their repair times, I've heard of
upwards of a month down time till I would get the radio back. That's
crazy. I also don't feel like dumping thousands of dollars on a
bargain basement C-150M that I'll never get any money I put on it

Anybody know what the repair cost is for a display replacement at the
factory? If anybody has any intel on this particular matter I'd
appreciate it. As a brand new aircraft owner all I can say so far
about certified airplanes is "the price tags are out of control". My
jeep cherokee has better electronics than my cessna, I cannot fathom
forking out anything upwards of a 1000 dollars for these old
electronic contraptions...I digress.

Thanks again!