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Default A Simple Question About LiFePO4 Batteries

On Friday, May 11, 2018 at 12:37:03 PM UTC-7, wrote:
Not to start another chapter in "Battery Wars" but I have a simple question about "drop in" LiFePO4 battery replacements for SLA batteries in gliders.

For years, I've used an SLA battery with the same footprint as the common glider size of 7Ah to 9Ah--i.e., 5.95" x 2.56"--except a little taller--i.e., 4.61" high vs. 3.86" (specs are from the PowerSonic line but other brands are similar). It's an easy swap in my ASW 24, only requiring a different hold-down strap. There's about 20% more internal volume, which seems to equate to at least 20% more claimed capacity. I've used enough of these that I know they do perform longer than the conventional-size SLA batteries most pilots use.

However, I can't find a LiFePO4 equivalent for it. Does such a thing exist? All I've seen discussed here or available online seem to be the "traditional" size. I've been told that this is because there's already excess space inside the enclosure, that it's not packed to the gills with mat/chemicals as SLAs are, and that the extra 3/4" wouldn't allow adding additional cells. And besides, I don't need it anyway (I'm running PowerFLARM, radio, CNv vario, and PNA; no transponder yet).

Then I see that some LiFePO4 batteries are rated slightly higher for the same enclosure size. Even the K2 battery touted in adverts as "10 Ah" seems to be 9.6 Ah in the specs. And that's ignoring loads, discharge rates, temperatures, etc.

Given the price differential and the necessity for a new charger (although not according to the K2 site), and especially in light of the recent stories of LiFePO4 batteries crapping out long before their promised lifespans, maybe I should just continue to buy a new SLA battery every year or two and wait for this fad to pass.

As I said, a simple question.

Chip Bearden

If it's working for you and if there are no readily available replacements just keep using the SLA/AGM battery you already use. Personally I like the K2 batteries and the one in my ship is starting it's fifth year of service but it's not magic, just a good battery that fits my needs well. In the case of my glider it solved a space, weight and capacity requirement but it seems that the SLA/AGM is doing everything you need it to do.