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Dan Marotta
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Default Solo 2350D won't start

Excellent point!

I recall my Harley cutting out on a road trip.* I reached down and
touched the coil and got a shock.* I replaced the coil and have had
another 100K trouble free miles (with more to go).

On 3/24/2020 10:00 AM, Dave Nadler wrote:
On Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 6:55:06 AM UTC-4, Mike N. wrote:
I am having a similar problem in my Ventus Ct. Mine will not start at all.

Is there any way to check for spark on the ground?
I pulled the plugs and hand propped while holding the plugs to the side of the engine case and could see no spark.

Is there a A&P familiar with the Solo motors in south east U.S., or better yet Florida?

Thanks for any help.

Not expert on this contraption, however:
- coil failures are not uncommon (vibration breaks of lead at coil), and
- IIRC mechanic at Seminole is familiar with Solo sustainers
Hope that helps,
Best Regards, Dave

PS: Sounds like you already did the coil test and saw no spark, right?

Dan, 5J