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Default Soaring already DOA for the season???

On Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 6:49:35 PM UTC-7, wrote:
Hello from Shanghai. I’m a pilot for one of the US cargo carriers here for work. I thought I would share my experience since there seems to be quite a disconnect between where we are in the US versus the thinking here.

Before we left the airplane for the hotel we were required to put on masks and had our temperature taken. Every person we encountered, leaving the airplane, immigration, health, customs, had full contagion suits on with eye protection. We rode in a car that had been fully swabbed down between rides. Arriving at the hotel we entered through a special door for foreigners and followed a roped off lane to a designated elevator. Everyone at the hotel had full suits on. They took us to the 34th floor were we stood isolated as they took our passports and credit cards to the lobby to get us keys. For the last 40 hours we’ve been shut in our hotel room with only room service. When they deliver the food they are wearing the suits and take our temperature.

In other words they are worried about us infecting them and they are serious about this virus. Overkill - maybe but they’ve got a handle on this. I’m concerned that the problem in the US will be made worse by our failure to take decisive action.

My club, Harris Hill, is shut down. That’s a bummer because just last week I was happily sanding new gelcoat on my fuselage to Bob Marley tunes all alone midweek in a huge hangar. But I guess I’d hate to infect one of the oldsters in the club since they are some of my favorite souls on earth.

There has been no decision made to cancel or postpone the WGC this year. There also seems to be no word from the SSA about the nationals. Anyone know anything?

Sean Murphy

The SSA certainly doesn't know anything. That's just an organization that collects dues and uses the money to print a rubbish magazine.