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On Sunday, June 13, 2021 at 8:43:27 AM UTC-4, Walt Connelly wrote:
;1044506 Wrote:
On Saturday, June 12, 2021 at 8:43:11 AM UTC-4, Walt Connelly wrote:-
'Ross[_3_ Wrote: -
;1044492']If you want a cool tow plane, not cheap, but way cool, try
of these
Wow, only about 1.5 to 2 million and you're off to the races, if you
find a helicopter pilot crazy enough to do this. That being said and
having hung out with helicopter pilots for the last few years I can
you that there are many crazy enough to do it. Insurance company is
going to have a fit though, boxing the wake would be very interesting.

Low tow is the way to go here but as a former Pawnee tow pilot with
7000 tows and currently flying helicopters myself I can see a lot of
potential for problems. 1. Each tow would probably cost 500 to 750
dollars and that would eliminate discussion of all other problems. IF
Mihai wants to buy a Hughs 500 I'd be willing to give it a try, NOT.

Walt Connelly
Former tow pilot
Now Happy Helicopter Pilot

Walt Connelly-
There is a Bolkow 105 here at my place that would do the job!

Yo Bob, I stopped by your place late Yesterday (Saturday) afternoon.
Had to drop off some things for my brother in Vero to store for me, got
struck by lightning Friday the 4th, blew a hole in my living room and
started a fire in a bedroom. I didn't hear well before this, hear even
worse now, loudest explosion I've heard since Vietnam but being inside
the house amplified it quite a bit. Saw that SCHWEIZER hook on the tail
end of your Pawnee. ??????? At least you have a big, stout and easily
accessible release handle, looks like the mechanical advantage should be
there. Word of advice to all, get your loss of use insurance up high,
glad I did, I have 93K dollars to pay for lodging, food, etc while my
place is being repair, probably 4 months I understand, maybe more.


Walt Connelly

Walt, sorry I missed you, that was not a Schweizer but a Pacific Aero hook, much better than the Schweizer. I am awaiting a bit of opportunity to install the TOST, still have it in the box. That Pawnee, AKA as the Towpecker is very stout! Come on back and see us soon, spend the day and hop in the Towpecker, you will be very satisfied. Bob
Bob, I stand corrected but it is the same design which I might assume could fail under the most dire of conditions. Put on the TOST and I'll come down and be a volunteer tow pilot. (maybe!!) I'm in the process of having major repairs made to my house post lightning strike and fire. I need to look into a lightning arrestor and fireproof carpet, ha ha.