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We are looking to purchase a Pawnee PA-25 that had a Continental engine installed (230hp?). It is approved for aerial towing (Schweizer hook) and we are trying to decide if it's worth the time/money to seek an FAA conversion to towing gliders with a TOST. Have read through several of the RAS discussions on this and talked with a couple clubs that completed STC's/FDSO field inspections. I get the feeling it's a real headache, some people concluded they wouldn't do it again. Anyone have a better experience or advice?
"Trying to decide if it's worth the time/money?" Time and money should not enter into the equation when the life of your tow pilot may depend on the TOST release. If you don't care about the life of your tow pilot then by all means keep the Schweizer hook. While you're at it you might give consideration to placing the release handle where the pilot can quickly access it in the upright, seated position. JMHO

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