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You have a very good point. Yes, the F35 is only a single seater
although LM does have a 2 seater "mockup".

Looking at what an F/A-22 (single seater) and a B-2 (twin-seater) can do,

find it harder and harder to justify a thing like an F/A-18F....

Well for one thing, the US Navy can actuallly afford the F/A-18F. While it
doesn't really add any more capability than the F-14D has, it is far easier
to maintain :-)



Far be it from me to be a Kool Aid drinker (despite my current VFA
association), but I disagree with you based on what I see the F/A-18F doing
these days with HMCS, ATFLIR, AESA, and AIM-9X.

There's much more growth potential based on architecture.

And that maintainability counts for a lot.