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Josť Herculano
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Looking at what an F/A-22 (single seater) and a B-2 (twin-seater) can do,
find it harder and harder to justify a thing like an F/A-18F....

I might agree with you if either were carrier-capable. g

Guess I was not literate enough on my point... what I meant is that I do not
believe on the advantages of the F/A-18F vs the F/A-18E. If such advanced
weapons systems as the two Air Force birds allow for a revolucionary fighter
to be flown by one, and a huge bomber just by two, there is no call for a
twin-seat Super-Bug.

And remember that the current squadrons deploying at sea with the F/A-18F
have rear cockpits that are barely different from the front ones... the
advanced rear cockpit is yet to fly operationaly. I don't believe the F can
turn a real advantage over the E.
Josť Herculano