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Think vegetable oil, soy, french fry oil etc. Filter it to get the
junk out. Add lye....

Apparently you get more MPG for biodiesel then petrodiesel, cleaner
burning too. The recipies and cheerleaders are available on the WWW.

How does biodiesel do as far as lubricity for the fuel system components
compared to petrodiesel?

Del Rawlins-

Castor is a vegetable, isn't it?

Brian W


If you are thinking in terms of --
Animal, Vegetable or Mineral.

Howsome ever --
Since castor beans grow on shrubs....
perhaps, you'd like to think of it as a berry...
a very toxic/deadly one.

To further complicate things,
it's not a bean or berry.
It's a SPURGE.

spurge n.

Any of various plants of the genus Euphorbia, characteristically
having milky juice and small unisexual flowers that are surrounded
by a cuplike structure composed of fused bracts.


Barnyard BOb - catsup is a vegetable