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Paul Sengupta
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"Dudley Henriques" wrote in message

"ShawnD2112" wrote in message
"Hot as hell in the summer"??? You've not spent much time over here

in the
UK, have you, Dudley?

I keep forgetting you're over THERE :-))))

Anyway, good luck with the flight suit. When you pick the color,
remember on the display circuit, you're eating on the fly most of the
time and that mustard from those damn hot dogs can really stain you up
in a hurry. No matter how hard you try, you always seem to end up with a
large blotch on you just about the time kids are lining up to get an
autograph :-)))

We don't have hot dogs either. And I think the Red Arrows would
complain if you wore a copy of their red flight suits to catch the ketchup
from the bacon sandwich.

You could put on a brown one and use HP sauce.

Or a yellow one and have a bacon and egg sandwich without the