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I think Jim was telling me about you. He mentioned making one special for a
C when I spoke to him last week. He suggested I go for a seatpack since I'm
sitting on about 4" of cushion at the moment. Only being 5 10" I've got a
bit of headroom to play with. Which harness rig did you go for? How
satisfied were you with their customer service? How comfortable is your rig
during aerobatics?

Thanks for the tips,
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Was hoping to get a bit of expertise here. I'm in the market for an
emergency bailout chute for flying in my Pitts S-1D. The top US

seem to be National and Softie but with no experience in the field, and
parachutes not exactly being the kind of object you can try on for size

the shop, I don't really know what to look for and what to avoid. I'd
appreciate any tips anyone out there could provide. Are there any

models that anyone has any experience with? Obviously comfort and space

the cockpit are major considerations.



I just bought a softie chute for my Pitts S1C. It is a special one
made for the Pitts S1. It is a seatpack in the shape of a wedge. Its
not listed on their web site but they will make you one. I'm a big guy
and the S1C is the smallest Pitts. If it works for me in my plane it
should work for you in yours. Call Dan or Jim at Parapania and ask
about it.

Good Luck,