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Default Only a ONE Million Dollar Cleanup

On Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 11:16:05 AM UTC-5, Jim Pennino wrote:
Geoff Rove wrote:


The $1.5 million in cash will cover $911,000 for the crash clean-up, $340,000 to upgrade buildings at Montgomery Field in Kearny Mesa for a possible tenant, and $270,000 to analyze proposed upgrades at Brown Field in Otay Mesa. The $340,000 will cover heating and ventilation upgrades to buildings at Montgomery Field that the city acquired when they were abandoned by a former tenant.

I understand the idea of recovering damages from those that caused the
damage, however $911,000 seems like a bloated number to me and I fail to
see why the pilot/owner/insurance company would be responsible for
paying for upgrades of any kind.


I assume the City of San Diego has invoices for the $911,000 they say the cleanup cost. The other costs aren't being charged to the "pilots" insurance.. Not surprised that an airport tenant would abandon a building.