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Default Airbus A380 in Arizona

In article ,
John Francis wrote:
* Probably parts for the Boeing 787. That's wider than anything
* currently in commercial service (and many of the newer jets are
* already noticeably wider than a mere 747).
* When I was up in Seattle a few weeks ago on a visit to Boeing
* I got to look around the passenger cabin mockup they use to show
* prospective customers. I also saw, sitting on the runway, one
* of the custom-built freighters they have made to ferry 787 parts.

That's factually incorrect. The 787 will probably be deployed in a 2-4-2
configuration in economy, which is somewhat narrower than the 2-5-2 (or
3-3-3) configuration in use on the DC-10 (and derivatives) and the 777, not
to mention the 747's 3-4-3 configuration.

Boeing's site lists the width of the 787 at 18 feet, 11 inches; the 747 is
21 feet, 4 inches. The 777 is listed as being 20 ft 4 in wide.

By comparison, it appears that the A380 will have a 2-4-2 configuration on
the upper deck and a 3-4-3 configuration on the lower deck. Wikipedia says
that the width of the A380 will be 23 ft 6 in.

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