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Default Airbus A380 in Arizona

Paul Frankenstein wrote:
That's factually incorrect. The 787 will probably be deployed in a 2-4-2
configuration in economy,

Boeing admitted that most 787 customers will outfit their planes with 9
across. So 2-5-2, 3-3-3- or 2-4-3

To answer the original poster, the fuselage sections for the A380 are all
built in Europe.

There is no aircraft capable of transporting a fuselage setion for the
A380. There are special barges used to transport such sections, and one
ship capable of transporting sections from england and spain to france (and
barged up the river and then trucked to toulouse).

At this point in time, one would expect Airbus to have stopped producing
A380 parts, and it is conceivable that many parts would be available for a
tour to demo/showcase them. However, if that had been the case, there would
have been publicity about it. And the logistics to transport those parts
are huge and costly.

A simulator may require oversized transport trucks. Or some machines used
to build some A380 parts (there are many A380 parts built in the USA) might
also require special transport arrangements.