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I was talking to some of the restorers about this several months ago...

Even if they did get it to flying condition again it could never be insured
as it is considered "Priceless".
No insurance, no fly...

I'd like to see a replica though...


"Graeme Hogan" wrote in message
Why don't they donate/lend it to H.A.R.S. and have a flying memorial.

"David Bromage" wrote in message
.. .
Avro Lancaster B1 W4783/A66-2 (aka "G for George") returned to the
Australian War Memorial in Canberra yestday after a 5 year cosmetic
restoration. "George" made 90 flights, including 54 bombing raids, with
RAAF No. 460 Squadron in 1943-44, at a time when the average life
expectancy of a Lancaster and its crew was 30 missions. The new
Lancaster exhibit will be open to the public in December.