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I was just having a discussion with my father about this the other day.

He was fighting with the British Army in Malaya while the US was in Vietnam
around 1965 and said that the contrast between the radio discipline used by
the RAF Hunter pilots on ground attack missions was like the difference
between night and day compared to the US pilots flying similar missions over

Malaya was close enough to pick up the US comms coming out of Vietnam.

He said "Our Hunter pilots were Target 2 miles. Diving now, Tally ho" (yes
they actually said Tally ho) "the Yanks were shouting and swearing about
ground fire this and f*cking that"

So the discipline on the recording is in character, according to my father.

"Brian" wrote in message
Sounds fake - too calm - even considering the Brit resolve.

"Stolly" wrote in message
As far as i know this is authentic.

Does anyone know anymore about this ?

Is it indeed authentic ?

Its a 400k wav file.