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In message , Richard Brooks
Stolly wrote:
really, how do you go about arranging that, can you do it via the web
or do you have to go there ?

I wonder if the last paragaph is what it refers to ?

Anyway, I can't find the leaflet right now but on a yellow Post-It note I've
found IWM 0207 416 5000 Sound Records - Rosemary.


"Richard Brooks" wrote in
message ...
Stolly wrote:
As far as i know this is authentic.

Does anyone know anymore about this ?

Is it indeed authentic ?

Its a 400k wav file.

Dunno but there is an archiving service by the IWM and they'll fill
a CD-R with stuff you ask for, for about a tenner which is very

All that wartime recording by in-the-field news gatherers can be
yours for little money!

There was a famous recording made by Richard Dimbleby(?) in a Lancaster
over Germany.

The Germans were alleged to have broadcast live from a bomber over
London, but I don't think that would be in the IWM.