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Gord Beaman wrote in message

Well...I hate to be a stick-in-the-mud but I just cannot see how
this could be authentic. Please tell me how they managed to
filter out the sound of 4 merlin engines at full power?. This guy
is apparently talking all through the take-off run in a barely
above conversational tone of voice. This just cannot happen, not
on a Lancaster. There's so much noise on takeoff that nobody uses
intercom then. The Pilots and Flight Engineer uses hand signals
to indicate orders to vary power and to raise the gear etc.

Sorry, I think it's faked.


Not to mention the quality of the carbon microphones that must have been
used back then. It sounds like a professional reenactment or a training
tape. Not the slightest hint of engine noise and the voices sound
clearer and cleaner than through a modern intercom system.

Sounds fake to me.


"So far, fewer troops have been killed by hostile fire since the end of
major combat in Iraq than civilians were murdered in Washington, D.C.,
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years has it been since we declared the end of major U.S. combat
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